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A day at RSL – Uni ZH

FCIR orthomosaic, 20cm GSD (original: 5cm)

For once, a post in English. Today was special day: back to Zurich, place of great memories. The objective was a conference organised for RSL students and collaborators, including a flight above the Irchel Park with our new FCIR camera for remote sensing purposes. The weather forecast looked great, yet with a fair bit of wind. Just in case, I travelled to Zurich (of course by train) two hours earlier than initially planned. Off the train, off the tram 14 and here we go: first flight successful, 95 images of decent quality. Post-processing is launched before lunch. Having a coffee outside, we notice that the wind is increasing and it will be “just” feasible.

The conference has started and we soon go out for the “live demo”. It is an unequal battle between a 500 g UAV and a now well established wind from the North. After a succession of “strong wind” warnings, I decide to land, in a quite lucky spiral (head wind for the touchdown). The deception is smoothen by the images of the morning.
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